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johnnycake Hey, there's Bo` on the road and Authentic World Food.

Now I'm going on a ferry from the Indonesian island of Java to Bali.

The hill behind me is the Ijen volcano, where mined sulfur.

And so this is a very demanding job.

Local workers like bring in 80 kg of sulfur from the crater.

With this cargo goes first uphill and then downhill for about 3 km.

And today we look at a recipe that taught me to Mario, street-level restaurant owner was from Java.

It will be Dadar jagung, delicious tortillas flavored with kaffir lime leaves and garlic.

First, scrape the cob granules.

Here they do it so that she simply stripped.

Remnants of grains per ear and let it hoděj chickens.

Grains gently rub in a mortar.

Crush them completely to mush, just like coarsely.

Sambal prepare so that spread the shallots, garlic and pieces of red pepper.

This time it's pungent pepper, chili pepper instead.

Finally, add kafírové leaves torn into pieces and also spread the sambal.

Then mix with corn.

Add flour, egg and salt.

Mix well.

Heat the oil in a wok.

Create pancakes and fry briefly on both sides so nicely golden.

Serve with a variety of Indonesian dishes and rice.

And so in a lot of Indonesian food restaurants exhibit.

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