Crockpot Thai Chicken Curry Recipe – Show Me the Yummy – Episode 14

Welcome to Show Me the Yummy episode fourteen.

And today we're making a crockpot thai chicken curry.

Now, I know I say this all the timebut this is literally the easiest recipe ever.

It's what I call a throw-and-go, you throwall of the ingredients in, you go, you come back.


It's my favorite, it's my favoritekind of recipe.

Now, we're gonna start by greasing our crockpot just so nothing sticks.

Then once she's done greasing that we're gonna put in the ingredients for our sauce.

So,we're gonna start with coconut milk.

Brown sugar.

We've got some chicken stock.

Red currypaste.

Garlic always need garlic.

Ground ginger.

Roasted red pepper flakes for a little KICK.

Freshly squeezed lime juice.

Mmmm wonderfully smelling fish sauce.

Jennifer hates the smell.

I think it's so stinky.

I like it.

But it tastes so good, so don't skip it.

And thenlast we have peanut butter.

Now I'm just going to whisk our sauce ingredients together.

Oneof my favorite parts of this recipe is that it's a one-pot-wonder.

You make it all intothe crock pot so you don't have very many dirty dishes.

Throw and go.

Now it takes alittle while to stir all this together because you have to break down that peanut butterso make sure everything is nicely incorporated before you move on.

Alright, now that oursauce is fully incorporated we're just gonna take our two chicken breasts.

This is abouta pound and a half of chicken and we're just going to place it right into the sauce.

Justlike that.

And I'm gonna take our peanut butter measuring cup and just scoop some of the sauceon top of the chicken so the chicken is fully submerged.


Just like that.


Now all that's left is to place on our lid and we're gonna let this cook for about threehours on low.

Okay, our chicken is done.

Now we're gonna cut this up into some cubes.

I'mjust gonna let the sauce sort of drip off of there.

Oh my god.

So yummy right? Yeah.

Now a lot of crock pot recipes will say to cook the chicken for about eight hours sothen it's falling apart but we didn't want that texture today so we cooked it for threehours.

You can see it's still really juicy and tender but it's not falling apart.

That'skinda what you wanna do.

Some nice bite sized pieces.

Alright, so we're just putting thelast chicken in there and Jennifer is gonna mix it back up with all of the sauce to keepthe chicken nice and coated.

And now we're going to plate.

Alright, so I'm just goingto put down some rice here in this bowl.

Just like that.


And Trevor's grabbing somered bell peppers that I just sauteed in a little bit of olive oil and salt until theywere nice and tender.

I'm just going to put a few of these guys on there.

And now I amgoing to put our chicken down.

Just like that.

I'm going to make sure I get plenty of thatreally yummy sauce.


We're gonna sprinkle a few peanuts on there.

Some fresh cilantro.

And some sliced green onions.

Look at that.


That looks pretty fantastic tome.

Yeah it does.

You know what time it is? Taste test.


That's yummy.

The textureof the peanuts and the curry sauce and the tender chicken.

Mmm hmm.

And the flavors arespot on with the peanut butter and the lime juice.

That's just as good as any deliveryor takeout you will get.

It's fantastic.

So good.

As always, thanks for watching.

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Coconut milk.



[Laughter]Aerosol cloud.

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