Francesco Mazzei creates a truly mouth-watering Italian meal

I have been on a mission to findthe best ingredients from around the UK to preparethe most amazing gourmet Italian meal.

The first dish I'm gonna cookfor you today is a lobster sibarita, an amazingnative lobster, the best you can get in UK and these have been especiallyselected from a best friend from Colchester.

Fantasticquality lobster for an Italian salad.

Its beautiful colour here.

Gonna make a sock in the batterafterwards to make the dish a bit moreluxurious and why not.

OK, it keeps a lovely moist tothe lobster.

We're gonna bring all theelements here and then I'm ready to bake thedish.

The most amazing Italian cookingwith British ingredients.

How good is that.

And the second dish that we'regonna do for you is an aged black beef tagliata andlots and lots of white truffle.

This one, it comes from Umbriarather than Alba they give it always the bestquality and we've got the best one.

We're gonna go and pan fry thisbeautiful beef using the truffle butter and thelovely marrobones which is quite unusual but it'sgot lovely flavour.

When it cooks it melts, and it'slike a cream.

The mash potato is made withnormal fresh potato and granapadano cheese, it's one of the best cheeses,it's just perfection.

You can have a lovely balsamicvinegar of modena, a lovely piece of this cheese,what else do you want? And now, this is the whitetruffle.

It is a very short season,sometimes it costs up to £10 thousand per kilo.

It's really something different,it's really something quite unusual.

It talks about Autumn, it talksabout the season.

And the third, which is thedessert dish, is an amazing roasted Englishplums and the most amazing blue cheese from Laverstockpark.

Mascarpone and polenta crisps.

So the simplicity of the dish ofthe dish is our sophistication Blue cheese is quite strong, itneeds some help, it needs some sweet, it needssome dry fruits to give its best.

A very exclusive and verygourmet food, this is absolutely fantastic.

Source: Youtube