Green papaya salad / Authentic Thai recipe from a mobile, side car restaurant / Som Tum

Authentic World Food notes how to make Salad of Green Papaya Bo Hi there on the road and Authentic World Food.

I was in Thailand near Khao Lak.

Thailand very typical restaurant is the mobile side restaurant on a cart.

When one goes around, just you wave, they stop and prepare you a treat in front of your eyes.

Today I took a salad of green papaya.

The most widely salad in Thailand.

So let's see how he does.

First, shredded green papaya.

Then in a mortar shalt red chillies and garlic.

Additionally, they add dried shrimp and also Slug.

Then peanuts lemon juice fish sauce, tomatoes, bean pods, juice of limes palm sugar and all together in a mortar just as easily pobouchají just to get everything mixed and released the flavor of ingredients.

Finally, add the grated papaya, mixed and served it in a plastic bag.

Which is the most common packaging takeaway in Southeast Asia.

And it is done.

Now the restaurant is moved back "of the house continued," and I can enjoy the best salad of green papaya.

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Source: Youtube