Healthy FRIED FISH Recipe using GARBANZO BEAN FLOUR/Gluten Free

Will and Kyler: Cooking with Kyler! Kyler: Today’s all-star ingredient is garbanzobean flour.

Will: Mmm.

Kyler: Told you.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Garbanzo been flour is one of the most nutrient-packed,gluten-free flours available.

It’s been common around the globe, and thispower flour is becoming more and more popular as a household staple in the United States.

Kyler: We’re using a local Pacific rockfish.

Will: Pacific rockfish.

And we’re gonna cut these in half.

Kyler: That is a lot of salt.

Salt and pepper, that’s all you need.

Will: Local.

Kyler: Garbanzo bean flour is best when it’sstored in the freezer or the refrigerator.

Will: Lightly flour this with garbanzo beanflour.

So, shall I demonstrate? Kyler: If you have a gluten-free diet, thenyou should really try garbanzo bean flour.

Will: So, press down, too.

Press down on top.

Kyler: Is it good for you? Will: It’s very good for you.

In fact, garbanzo bean flour is high in protein,fiber, and a lot of vitamins.

We’re using grapeseed oil.

That’s good, great.

I’m just gonna gently, then, place it down.

Nice and gentle, let it fall down.

That was great.

If you had a skin side, of course, which wedon’t, you would score the skin side, otherwise, it will curl up.

If you’re familiar with our channel, you mayhave just recently seen us do a grilled corn with compound butter.

This is the compound butter.

We’re gonna add this to the pan for the finishingtouches.

Kyler: I got it.

I got this.

Will: With this thin fish, it was about twoto three minutes on one side, and another one to two minutes on the other side.

So, let’s make this plate look pretty.

Slice a few wedges.

Kyler: Slippery.

I get that piece.

Will: Mmm.

Kyler: That’s good.

Will: Make sure that you give us the thumbs-up.

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Be inspired.

Kyler: Get creative.

Will: And include.

Will and Kyler: The kids.

Will: See you next time.

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