Healthy Tasty Quick Thai Red Curry Recipe

hi everyone today we're going to make a Thai Red Curry dish with seafood we're going to make tirate very healthy tasty and quick this recipes got squid it's got prawns and a lot of vegetables as well let's get started so first i've just taken a couple of squid I've washed them and I've left the skin on because that extra flavor and now we're just going to cut calamari rings use all the cover Mary right down to the end of the tail ok and we've saved the tentacle so that will go in the dish as well as well as the seafood the other ingredients that we have here carrots beans broccoli cauliflower onions garlic the vegetables have been dropped and medium sized pieces the onions and garlic and small pieces we're going to use a little bit of butter mixed with oil pepper this is coconut milk and we eventually mixed in small pieces of biscuits into the coconut enough to give it a little bit of extra thickness and sweetness salt fish source and we've got some thai red curry paste and the mushrooms and women are you can add a bit of coriander to or a bit of parsley at the end as well ok so first step is we're going to steam vegetables that will take about five or ten minutes we don't want them to well-cooked we still want this to be crispy so while the vegetables are cooking i'm going to cook the garlic and the onions first open a little bit of olive oil and a little gal a little pasta full now it's time to throw in the towel it and feel the same way on the floor now we mix them up of it might get a little bit more olive oil and then we have the curry taste you think teaspoons of curry paste to the right starting to get very nice now not xml now we're ready for the calamari let that cook for just a little while gentile groans you always want to get rid of the parts of the culinary when you're cleaning it yourself but almost everything that's completely edible calamari a little bit and offer them that right here with a friend of mine probably want to cook this for about 5-10 minutes mix it up and until they're nice and golden on both sides nice and great we'll come back at five minutes when these problems a nice book squeeze of lemon out you like little bit of salt pickup thanks not too much salt fish store so it normally we're heading back two teaspoons of fish sauce i'll just take the gates open the I cannot know now usually when I'm something I like to play for a while so it's like the Beecher use of doing well and then down a little bit test right so I sliced mushrooms of it smaller and make a and that will cook that for five or ten minutes and up to slide foil now let's have a nice life oh just give it up and stay awhile with summary every now and then and we'll come back in five minutes like a way back and now the seafood and mushrooms and nicely cooked the meat cheese it done so now we're ready to put the big G's still a little bit crunchy into the stir-fry so you can see they're not breaking apart we have to mix the sourcing this dish is a little bit lower fact the NRA Kerry Wood normally because we haven't had to cook the veggies and oil the veggies of being steamed with this recipe you can also given scholarships plans and obviously food tastes good normally I couldn't have been more coconut milk and this we'll just about 30 seconds now it's all nicely mixed and then we'll be ready to save ok so now we're ready to go usually this with some rice if you like the taste of it now's a good time to put a bit of coriander on a little bit of tassili to taste so that's it that's my how to make a Thai red curry don't forget to subscribe so this is my thai red curry dish with less butter and oil and more healthy because the vigil vegetables have been steamed rather than fried also you retain much more of those natural vitamins when the vgs esteemed make sure you subscribe and check out my other healthy tasty and quick dishes and we look forward to seeing you next time make sure you cook hdq cheers hope you enjoyed this recipe and I hope you enjoy eating as much as I do.

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