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Welcome to the Italian chefs! Where are you from? Are you somewhere cold or warm place instead? I am currently in Ireland and believe me, here is madly in the cold! And as you see, the weather allows even colder weather.

That's why I valmistangi today, warm and refreshing recipe Shockingly wonderful and healthy minestrone soup, which is prepared by different roots Using roots, I feel healthier, and more particularly, of course, it also helps my whole body cleanse I have not eaten this soup, but already I feel the need to go WCsse 🙂 But for now, let's see what we have the ingredients for a minestrone soup needed Soup base is needed for two onions one clove of garlic One or two big carrot yield to and one celery stalk We use the following roots three tomatoes One potato, one zucchini One of the cauliflower one of leeks Two hundred grams of peas Seasoning, besides water and olive oil, we use salt and black pepper Most recently, when the soup is ready, add the fresh parsley and basil And to add a unique flavor, you can add Parmesan cheese crust In this way the rind of the notes, I'll teach you one interesting trick, which gives the soup with excellent flavor First, wash and peel all the roots Soup base for all koostisosad- chop the onions, garlic, carrots and celery All neatly chopped and mixed Herbs chop into small cubes Potatoes, zucchini and tomatoes Leeks finely hakihästi And cauliflower must also tiny cubes.

Exactly what I'll show you now If you are using frozen peas to like me the moment I do, you do not need to be cleaned Fresh peas from using, be sure to clean them beforehand For the bottom of the soup, heat the oil in a deep bottomed pot The pot should be deep enough to accommodate all the roots off If the pot is hot enough, add soup base ingredients and fry for about two minutes, Reduce heat and let it ripen under the lid Now that the basic soup is ready, add the remaining roots Add leeks Eggplant potato Tomatoes cauliflower And finally, the peas Mix everything together thoroughly Add to the heat and pour cold water.

Enough to cover all the roots Let boil again and leave to simmer quietly roots At their own request, you can add a variety of vegetables to the soup.

If you have at home such as pumpkin, then now is a good time to add it here Minestrone soup is without prejudice to the different roots from adding.

Feel free to add your home and available for seasonal roots.

Cover the pot with a lid and allow the water to boil Now that the water has gone to a boil, season with salt and stir the soup first, And additional Parmesan crusts Parmesan rinds, you can feel free to add a variety of soups.

But just minestrone soup gives it a unique accessory to a pleasant taste sensation Going to a boil, parmesan crust becomes soft and surprisingly tasty.

You see yourself as a proven Thus, as previously noted, boil until soft enough to roots Time to time with a fork to touch the all the roots are well prepared Cauliflower and potatoes need a little more time to thoroughly ripen The soup is finished when all the roots are moderately soft Herbs are ready and our minestrone soup is ready, add the last seasoning.

Add to finely chopped fresh parsley and basil This addendum to the black pipapr Mix all together and out If you wish, add more salt Pour into a bowl of minestrone See for yourself how nice and warm it looks like the soup! Serve with toasted the bread, which you dipped in the soup.

This is really great! All Italian soups are appropriate to drizzle some olive oil and fresh here to add a little bit of grated Parmesan cheese See for yourself how appetizing it looks like! Taste our minestrone soup Mmm.

Kui good soojendav.

Uskuge and inside me it is very healthy.

I know already how this soup in my body rejuvenates.

Now it is time to stop vide a matter of urgency, in order to continue to enjoy the soup! If you liked this video, please be sure to LIKE, and add your comment Share this video with your meediaväljundites and if you want to see the other videos, click on the "Subscribe" link on my overhead It's free! A big kiss to all my Italian Italian cooks!.

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