How to make a Gado gado // Authentic recipe from Indonesian village // Mung sprouts w peanut sauce

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Gado Gado – vegetable dish with peanut sauce Hey, there's Bo` on the road and Authentic World Food.

We are on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.

And this is the traditional method of transport to the local marketplace, where you can get great need lots of vegetables.

So today we'll look at how one prepares traditional Indonesian vegetable dish, Gado gado with peanut sauce amazing.

First we will mung bean sprouts and remove the remaining peel and place in a plastic bag.

Kangkung clean, which is a water spinach and remove the old bottom of the stems.

Boil the water, dip into her bag of mung bean sprouts and Scald briefly, about 1-2 minutes.

Remove and drain.

The same water with salt and let her cook kangkung, as well as 2 minutes.

After spinach Transfer to a bowl with cold water, after a while, remove and drain.

Taking unroasted peanuts, dried it and see if they are all good.

Heat the oil in a wok and peanuts in it fry briefly.

If you use an over-roasted peanuts, so that part of the frying skip and leave them as they are.

Remove and drain.

So now we can throw on a peanut sauce.

In Indonesia, for her use this small mortar čobek.

In it, spoon into a paste chili peppers, garlic and a little salt.

Then add the peanuts and spoon again.

Gradually add water, a bit of sugar and spread until smooth.

And if we like Kašný smooth sauce, it's time to serve.

We begin with lontongem, which is rice cooked in banana leaf.

The recipe I have already uploaded.

Of course you can also use regular cooked rice.

Then water Tear spinach into thin strips, cut them into smaller pieces and place on the rice.

Sprinkle with mung bean sprouts.

And the best for last.

Great peanut sauce.

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