How To Make Pasta Salad with Italian Dressing

Hi I'm Pachi the Colombian cook! and todayI welcome you to a delicious pasta salad made with a twist and it comes from my MagicalRealism Kitchen from Colombia! You're gonna use broccoli as our vegetable,we're gonna use a pasta, we're gonna use our Italian dressing with yogurt to season thepasta, and some red pepper not that much but about a table spoon, and a table spoon ofminced yellow onion.

Our flavorful ingredient today is going to be some fresh oregano andwe have some beautiful salt to go with our pasta.

There's something that we usually discardand it is the root of the broccoli but it is fantastic, it is a great ingredient toadd and all you have to do is either cut it off into pieces, actually, you can buy itat stores or slice it with a mandolin and add it and you're gonna see how beautifulit looks.

It's gonna cook with the broccoli and please always use a guard.

Now we're gonna make our pasta salad.

We aregonna pour two cups of pasta into salted boiling water and we're gonna wait 2 minutes.

Nowwe're gonna add the broccoli into our pasta.

remember we have our pasta cooking there tooin the boiling salted water.

In 2 minutes, we are going to add the stems of the broccoliand then 2 minutes later, we are done.

Now we're gonna add the pieces of the stem thatwe sliced and 2 minutes everything is gonna be great! Our pasta, our broccoli, and our broccoli stems.

Ok so now we have our broccoli, our broccolistems, and our pasta all ready at the same time.

Your pasta is Al Dente and so is yourbroccoli and the spears.

They are boiled in some salted water and now we are going topass them into the bowl.

Check this out, now we're gonna pour our pasta, our broccoli,our stems into bowl.

We're gonna add a little bit of olive oil, you see it's a very smallstream of oil.

We're gonna add some, a little bit of pepper,a little extra salt, some onions, and red pepper but we are gonna add these to the dressingbecause it is the easiest way that's it's gonna be really mixed with our salad.

We canadd a table spoon of red pepper too because it's look beautiful.

Let's add some into thedressing that we have right here so we added onion and the red pepper to the dressing andnow, we are gonna pour this delicious Italian Dressing into our Pasta Salad.

Oh my God!this is so, so good! it's so healthy! you can actually add some chicken, you can addsome tuna, you can add some shrimp, you can add a lot of things to your pasta salad andbasically here's pasta salad for almost the whole family and then you can serve it withthe side of you protein and you can even add a salad if you want to.

Mix it and look at, ah! my god! the flavorsare amazing! once you taste this, I think you're gonna be making this a lot at home,because this one of the most delicious pasta salad you'll ever have! and then on top you'lladd some oregano leaves to give you that fresh taste of fresh oregano and if you don't havefresh oregano, you can use basil, any other fresh herbs that you have.

You can also addtofu to your pasta salad, you can add cheese, all sorts of delicious ingredients that gofantastic with this amazing beautiful dish! Now let's try our delicious pasta salad! firstthe pasta, you wanna make sure it is perfectly cooked.

uhmm that taste so good! our broccoli,uhhhhhmm! and the broccoli stem.

actually you can buy bags of broccoli stemsand make this salad if you think you don't have the time to buy whole broccoli keep itfresh.

They sell the bags of broccoli stems and you cook your broccoli stems and you pastaand the Italian dressing and it is amazing!.

Source: Youtube