How To Make Traditional Indonesian / Sundanese Chili shrimp paste

How to make Sundanese Chili Shrimp Paste This is Palm Sugar This is Palm Sugar And this is Cayenne pepper and this is very spicy and this is red onion and this is garlic and this is tomato and this is shrimp paste i don't know what it call in english then we fried it the ingredients are tomato, cayenne pepper, and.

What is this?.

i forgot red onion and this is garlic what else? i forgot oh.

Shrimp paste and palm sugar what the hell, the palm sugar is disappeared? and all of this.

fried it Ouch.

is hot aaaawwww.

it's very hot (Chef Indra) : You must be careful don't forget, you should fried the shrimp paste pay attention, you must fried it with care do it like this because.

it easy to shattered do it like this done.

don't do anything stupid just wait until it cooked shut your mouth and wait it where is the sieve? half done or well done? what? the shrimp paste? just half done is enough in order to have a better flavour there is an oil in it.

Its okay this is very delicious there is palm sugar and shrimp paste on the grinder this palm sugar.

it suppose to be sweet and you are not allowed using blender you must grind it it taste different if you using blender, not delicious you must grind it where is the grinder? (chef indra) near the jengkol this is Indonesian traditional food, jengkol Sundanese peoples called it.

hati maung in english.

lion heart this lion heart.

Umm sorry, tiger heart this is good for strenght Sundanese peoples said this is very aromatic look at the colour this is the most delicious oil this oil name is, jalantah oil Chef Indra: Jalantrah! yes, jalantrah.

Very delicious oil very healthy Chef Indra : we grind it oh no.


pour some UYAH first UYAH.

did you know UYAH? Chef Indra : Sell! UYAH is GARAM Salt just a little Chef Indra : father is here next is.

my secret.

recipe don't record it this is.

My secret recipe Father : What are you guys doing? father : why are you record his ass?.

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