Java Village Restaurant in New York City – Indonesian Restaurant

Good afternoon guys, glad to see you guys at home This afternoon I am in Queens, rather I will visit Java Village Restaurant This restaurant is located in Elmhurst area, on Justice Ave This restaurant has been running seven years and is well known in this area.

So Guys, Let's check it out together Good Afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Welcome to Java Village I am Andri from Indoas.

Com I am Dewi Mrs.

Dewi thank you.

Can we talk a little bit about Java Village.

yes, Please.

Hi Guys, Now I am sitting with Mrs.

Dewi who owns the Java Village and also she is a chef.

Good Afternoon Mrs.

Good afternoon too.

thank you for your time for Indoas.

Com I have few questions and for sure the audiences curious about that Can tell us a history of Java Village.

Its origin, Java has entered into its seventh year Incredible, 7 years.

Used to be, When we were arrived here which hard to find the food I happened to love eating everybody loves eating So, since we work outside when we get home then we have to cook again.

It seems so bothering.

We were looking for Indonesian restaurant but couldn't find it.

So at my free time.

I can cook because my parents love to cook at home.

Also I like to watch when my parent cooked so I know a little bit about cooking.

then I try to make dishes but if we make a little as seems to bear so we make more but if I have to finish it by myself is still full so I invite friends who have a same day off.

it looks like they can accept my dishes.

They said they like it.

They ask if next time I make a similar food which they want it too.

so buy it.

so they do not bother to cook From there I thought, not bad on my day off I can cook and make some money, why not From hobby to make money Amazing So I cooked more food then I asked friend by phone call and asked whoever wants to order.

So for example in this week I cooked water spinach so I asked whoever want it then I prepared more.

From there, every week more people come.

It turns out, a lot of Indonesian live here.

So in this area a lot of Indonesian.

Our location is Indonesian community area.

oh I see.

So from there because a lot.

According to America's regulation that not allow you cook at home then we sell it.

because it does not meet the requirements of the health department.

so me and my friends had the initiative to have a small stall we can introduce in addition to accommodate Indonesian who miss javanese food.

Then also the foreigner who doesn't know about Indonesia.

Then we were starting to try.

I see.

Does anyone visitors who love to come here to Java Village restaurant.

for the percentage of nearly 50% of Indonesian itself.

From this city or outside the city From outside city is sometimes from Washington and from New Jersey which close to this place because right there doesn't has Indonesian restaurant so when they come to New York, they would stop by to Java.

definitely stop by at java Amazing.

it turns our cuisine is similar to Philippine cuisine And in this area has a lot of Philippine So I have Philippine's customer about 25% wow incredible.

We call the name of the food almost with same name.

and the remaining of 25% there were Chinese and Mexican who likes spicy food.

but lately we had a lot of caucasian's customer either American or Netherlands And because they found this place by searching in web searching in internet.

Because our name is Java so when they search Java right the way, they will find this place.

Average, they can speak Indonesian because their parent used to be lived in Indonesia And some of them were born in Indonesia and went back to Netherlands even there are Suriname who speak Java not in Indonesian language but Java language practice the Java language Beside right here, does Java Village has any program like outside catering for such large party.

So in this July, Hopefully Java Village will join the Street fair in the city.

which during the summer time for 3 months on every weekend they will closed the street in Manhattan.

each country represented one vendor interesting where is exactly the location ? in Long Island City which area they are not certain about the location yet.


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