Korean-style marinated beef (bulgogi)

hi how are you? thank you for visiting happy cooking I am kumi we are going to make bulgogi today Korean-style marinated beef what makes it different from other beef dishes it has a lot of fruitiness from a pear and green plum but not many people have a pear and green plum that includes myself and let me show you how I can cope withthat in fact bulgogi is not easy to make a lot of steps to follow but Ihave streamlined this and it is fail-free green onion stalks and too onions I don't have a pear so I have two big onions sugar and 20 garlic cloves and pepper and we have a cooking wine and the Greenplum sugar syrup and sesame oil and soy sauce I have chopped roughly all thevegetables in my blender and I have the liquidingredients first soy sauce and then Greenplum sugar syrup and then cooking wine all 50 milliliters (soy sauce 150ml) two tablespoons of sugar and 2tablespoons of sesame oil then pepper will go in later I am going to have all ingredients in the blender and I am going to blend this.

originally you have to put sugar and cooking wine first then pepper goes in salt goes in but my recipe is quite simple I have everything together and it is going to make the sauce looking like this and I have a container I poured the sauce atthe bottom and the sprinkle it and I am going to lay out this slice of beef one by one and I'm going to repeat this until I marinate all of my beef by the way, I have two kg of beef today and by using the measurement I gave youtoday we can marinate up to 2.

5 to threekilograms beef I will have leftover of the sauce and I'mgoing to freeze it and I am going to use it later on just like this and I have apples I am going to cut it into thin strips and I'm going to put this into my bulgogi that will give a lot of fruitiness to my food.

you have to have a veryhot pan and placyour marinated beef one by one the key here is to have a hot pan.

as I keep saying, all the good flavors will come out t the temperature of 120 to 180 degrees.

as you know, beef has protein and sugar in it when protein and sugar get together at the temperature 120-180 degrees they will develop a lot of flavor there will be an explosion of chemical reaction and that will give a goo flavor to my beef but my pan is not hot enough, there will be liquid coming out of my beef.

If there is liquid, the temperatures will not go beyond 100 degrees.

Then my beef will not have any chance to develop its flavor.

What a waste! please make sure that you use a very hot pan.

But if you use coating pan with a very thin bottom, maybe it's not going to give you a lot of flavors because it is not hot enough.

If your beef hits the pan, it is going to lower the temperature immediately because there is a lot of liquid in it.

it cannot evaporate.

It will just dampen the whole pan so, please make sure you use cast iron pan or stainless steel pan.

Maybe you are thinking to yourself I don't have any of these.

But actuallyyou have one I'm sure you have stainless steel pot with a thick bottom.

I think everyone has at least one.

The stainless steel pot will give you much better results than acoating pan.

Look at the bottom of my pan.

I have only minimum liquid atthis point Those apple strips give a lot of flavor fruitiness and texture I think they more than replaced a pear.

It was very delicious thank you for watching.

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