– Well hello everyone, it’s Barry here.

Welcome to My VirginKitchen, I hope you are well.

Today we are making a recipe in this mug, this very mug that Ihave bought specifically for this video.

You’re welcome.

(upbeat music) Feeling very English actuallyalthough I don’t like tea as most of you guys know, but today we are attemptingto make a pizza in a mug.

I’m keeping it quite simple today because my camera lens broke, if you saw the last gadget video, so we’ve got its younger brother, we’re just borrowing it for a little bit until my other one’s fixed.

Hopefully this recipewill taste good though.

I mean I’m not gonna try and mug you off and maybe you’ll want a pizza it.

Pizza it.

Let’s do it.

Two of the most important thingsyou are gonna need for this is a mug.

Make sure it is microwave safe.

That’s why I had to go and buy one ’cause all my other onesare not microwave safe, it would have whoosh, and alsowith it being a microwave, you need a microwave, yeah.

That’s 800 watt microwave.

If your microwave ismore powerful than that you might need to justcook it a little less.

Ding ding.

So this microwave pizza, youcan do any topping you want.

We’re going for chorizobecause they couldn’t find small pepperoni and mushroom.

Any topping you want.

But also, we need to do thebase, so we’ll do that first.

One of my favouritegadgets ever are these, I think they’re called supoons, like levelling measuring spoons,and you can sort of wipe it like a windscreen wiper, all right.

As I need five tablespoons I’m just gonna just show you anyway.

Okay that’s about a quarterof a tablespoon plus one.

Drop it in there okay.

So we go for fivetablespoons of plain flour.

And then like a half to bringit up to the five, nice.

Keeping up so far? The supoons don’t go that small so this is an eighth of a teaspoon of baking powder.

And this is an eighth ofa teaspoon of baking soda, bicarbonate of soda.

In comes our model Boston,just to add a little salt.

And the real Boston is justdown there at the moment, chilling out.

They’re absolutely knackered, I just took them for a long walk.

So this is a tablespoon of olive oil.

In that goes.

You could use vegetableoil, sunflower oil, pug oil.

One tablespoon of milk.

Two tablespoons of milk.

Three tablespoons of milk.

You can drink the restor put it on your cereal.

I’m just gonna mixy mix that together.


See there’s little bits offlour right at the bottom, hiding away there.

Make sure you don’t just mix the surface.

Get it all topped there.

If you wanna go crazy youcould put some herbs in it.

Try and do a stuffed crust, youcould put some cheese in it, then put an extra layerof this in the middle so it gets baked into the middle of it Ooh! The possibilities are endless, but just make sure it’s a bigsort of thick, consistent, white play dough like that.

Bah! Okay, on top, boom! (laughs) Straight on top of thebatter is a tablespoon of marinara sauce, whichI’m just gonna push around.

So you can see that it’sall gonna cook together.

The baking soda and bicarbonate of soda will rise that crust up.

Like levitate.

So next up is some mozzarella cheese.

This is grated mozzarellafolks, all right.

Gonna make it taste great.

I’m going all out,making it really cheesy.

All right, so on topwe’ve got some mushrooms.

As I say, anything you wannaput on here really guys.

And this is some chorizo.

Yeah, that’ll do.

Little sprinkle of basil on top.

Oh yeah.

It certainly smells like a pizza but, all we need to do now isput that in the microwave.

All right, I’m gonna go for 90 seconds in my 800 watt microwave.

If yours is more powerful, as I say, maybe start at about a minuteand just keep your eye on it.

What we wanna do, it’sprobably gonna rise up.

If it goes too high just open the door, and keep doing it in blasts.

It’s all about getting that cooking time and the height right.

It’s spinning round in there folks.

All right I’m gonna keep my eye on this.

Oh, things are happening! Can you see it in there folks? It’s rising up.

This is good.

I think we’re gonna hit that 90 seconds, it might do a little bit longer, but I’m getting a littlebit of the chorizo oil dribbling down the mug,the cheese coming out.

Oh! Oh my God! Another 30 seconds.

I was sent this recipe to trybut the only problem I’ve got is I don’t actually knowif the base is done.

So I’m gonna overdo it.

Oh look at that! (laughs) That middle bit still isn’t melted though.

I want more.

I want more meltage.

So we’re onto just abouttwo and a half minutes now.

Oh! Right.

We’re gonna try this.

All right so let’s give this a try.

I’m gonna go right down.

Oh let’s get the crust up.

Oh it’s so hot.

Oh wow that is actually a, I think it’s more of a cake.

But the base has worked.

You can always tell a goodpizza by a cheese pull as well.

Oh! All right.

You have my attention,you have my attention.

So on this fork here Ihave the perfect combo of cheese, mushrooms,chorizo, and the base, and the tomato of course.

All in there, spun in there, look at that.

It’s gonna be hot.

Please don’t burn your mouth.

Oh that is so warm it just, oh it felt like I was eating a fire! Don’t do that.

Oh, that’s actually really, really nice.

I know it doesn’t look very appetising, I mean look at that.

That looks pretty bad.

But you’ve got the warmcheese, you’ve got the base, and this amazing cheese pull going on.

All the flavours are mingled together.

Using chorizo, the oilshave released in there.

Hot, oh, bit hot though! Ooh! Okay, the bit at the bottomis positively nuclear! Wow! But do you know what littleBoston, and big Boston.

You know what guys, I think that’s a pass.

Do you? Cool.

So the next time someonecomes round for afternoon tea and you wanna surprise ’em.

Yep, definitely gets hotter at the bottom.

Why not make a pizza in amug, and my favourite pizza is a barbecue one, so you could get some ready-cooked chicken, barbecue sauce, little bit of peppers on there.

Mm, I am gonna try that.

If you do try it, tag me inyour pictures @myvirginkitchen.

Love to see your attempts.

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Oh that was good.

Sorry about the shorter video today, I’m just trying out this lens, as I say.

Think he did all right.

But I really don’t knowwhat I’m doing anyway.

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