Resep Bakso Sapi Abang-abang – Indonesian Meatball Recipe Feat Tia Roumira

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TV Today, Tia and I are going to make Indonesian most favorite food.

(Man in the back: Is it phenomenal?) It is! (Man in the back: It is very popular).

I wonder what it would be? You can find this food at every corner.

Really? Doesn't it sound appetizing? We're going to make Bakso (meatballs) I want to know the ingredients.

For the meatballs There is ground beef that has been minced thoroughly until smooth.

So, it needs to be smooth? Yes, it is.

Then we have Tapioca flour iced water fried shallots then we have egg white garlic baking soda pepper, sugar, and salt.

Those are for the meatballs.

What are these for? These are for the soup.

So, we're going to make the soup as well? Yes, we are.

Oh, it's going to be delicious with sambal.

In here we have water, of course.

Then, there is bone fried garlic, spring onion, fried shallots, and garlic.

Don't forget to add salt and pepper as well.

It's going to take forever to make this.

Is there anything simpler? It takes about 45 minutes to make the soup.

However, i have.

Munik, an instant meatball soup.

You only need to tear it open and pour it in.

(Man in the back: Don't you need to add water in it?).

Yes, don't forget to add water or else it'd burn.

Do we put in the meatballs as well? Of course we do! Before we make the meatballs it is better to make the soup first because it takes longer.

First, we pour in the water.

All of it? Yes.

Pour in about 2 liter of water.

After that, we put in the bone and turn on the stove.

Now, let's move on to the meatballs.

First, I'm going to get the mixer.

Put in the ground beef that has been minced thoroughly.

(Man in the back: So, if you grind it manually, you need to do it for four times?).


I suggest that you do it manually so you can control the tenderness of the meat.

(Man in the back: How much meat are you using?).

I'm using 300gram of beef for this one.

(Man in the back: What kind of beef do you use?).

To make meatballs, it is better to use the silver side area of the meat.

Then, we add in the ice.

What else? After that, we put it the garlic.

All three of them? Yes.

We put in three garlic.

Then we grind them together.

How long do we need to grind them? Until they are smooth enough.

Now, we can add in the dried shallots.

We add about 15gram of fried shallots (Man in the back: is that fried shallot?).

Yes, it is.

Next, we put in about 45gram of flour.

(Man in the back: What kind of flour is that?).

It's Tapioca flour.

So, you have to use a certain flour for meatballs then? Yes, you have.

Then, we add in the baking soda.

How much should we use? About 5gram or 6 gram.

Next, we add in the salt.

But, careful not to put in too much because it could get too salty.

Unless you're in a hurry to get married (joking).

Then, we add in about 1 1/2 tsp of pepper to make it a little spicy.

1 tsp of sugar.

We have to make sure not to make it too salty or sweet? Right.

But, you can always adjust the taste afterwards.

Then, we continue to grind them together.

Can you help me with this while I'm boiling the water.

Later on, we're going to put in the meatballs into the boiling water.

Here is the egg white.

How many eggs should we use? This is the egg white from one egg.

Do i pour all of it? Yes.

I think it's done.

It looks smooth.

Don't forget to add in the fried shallots and garlic for the soup.

Do i need to crush this until smooth? I think that's enough.

We use about 1tsp of fried garlic.

2 crushed garlic.

Then, spring onion.

We use 1 spring onion.

It's about 3tsp.

Then, fried shallots.

We add in about 2tsp of it.

In a bit, we're going to add salt and pepper like usual.

Now, we add in the salt and pepper.

(Pepper) We add in about 1tsp.

(Salt) We also add about 2tsp.

(Sugar) We also add about 1tsp.

Okay, now we stir the soup.

How long should we wait? About 15 minutes while we are making the meatballs.

Now, let's move on to make the meatballs.

To make it easier, let's move the meat from the mixer to the bowl.

How many meatballs would this make? I think it's enough for a whole family.

(How many family members do you have, Sya?) Okay, so this is how you shape the meatballs using your hands.

If you're done just put it into the boiling water.

This is how you do it with spoons.

If you're done, again, just put it in.

They're floating, it means they're done.

We can take them out.

They come out pretty big.

(Man in the back: Aren't there different kinds of meatballs in Indonesia?) Yes, there are.

(Man in the back: Such as Malang meatballs.


That's Malang fritter.

(Man in the back: My bad, but it has meatballs in it as well).

(There's Solo meatball).

Yes, Solo meatball.

(Man in the back: There's fish meatball as well, right?) Yes, there's also fish meatball.

(Man in the back: And because we are Indonesian, we use beef for the meatballs instead of pork like in China).

Yes, we are.

Because actually, BA in BASO means pork in Chinese.

Initially, it is made from meat of pork.

But because majority of Indonesian are Moslem, we use beef or chicken.

I think we're pretty much done, pardon (joking).

Let's put them in a plate now.

Garnish it with spring onion and fried shallots.

At this point you can add more salt, pepper, or sambal to your liking.

(Man in the back: Vinegar?) Soy sauce, vinegar, and sambal.

So, the meatball soup is done.

I feel starving already.

I almost forget.

Don't forget for those of you who live abroad you can use Munik to make the soup.

This is the easiest way to make your own soup.

It tastes the same as the real thing.

Yes, it is.

If you're abroad you can find this in Asian markets near you.

In here, you can find this in your nearest grocery stores.

Or you can go directly to the website at munikseasonings.

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