Shrimp Pancakes (Saeujeon: 새우전)

– Hello, everybody! Today,we are going to make seafood! Shrimp! Do you like shrimp? Saeujeon: shrimp pancakes.

Thisis not the kind of a pancake with syrup you might think.

This is Korean traditionalside dish or snack.

I chose large size shrimp and very fresh.

It should be really fresh or frozen ones.

Sometimes, frozen one is better, even, instead of choosing not fresh seafood.

Let's take a look at this shrimp.

This is really large size! Think about: this guy was just swimmingaround in the ocean, he would never, ever expectsomeday he will get caught by Maangchi and ended up in our video! Did I tell you I was raised with seafood? Lots of seafood, because Iused to live in harbor city.

This shrimp, and scallops;so many types of seafood.

I know, once I see thisseafood, I know how to handle this guy.

Solet's do it together! Grab this and twist this guy, like this.

Like this.

This is the my way.

When I was young, all the time I shelled this way.

Here, there's some sharp stuff, a little pouch, and water is inside.

We gotta remove this.

And then, here.

And let's do quickly, because any seafood,we gotta do quickly.

Here, let's do firstsharp stuff, remove this.

Like this, see? And here,still a little meat here.

I know some of you guys watch this, "Wow! "I wanna buy shrimp and thenfollow Maangchi's direction.

" I prepared these two types of shrimp.

The size is large size,but you see the kind of little red color and some grey color.

It's two different kinds of shrimp.

This is the large size of shrimp, so it takes kind of like three or four times I need to touch it with my hands.

When I was young, we havea huge amount of shrimp at home, so I did one, two, three: one step head, two, three, that's all! But this is large size, so that's it! And look at that, this head weare not going to throw away.

This is so delicious stuff here.

I make really delicious stock with this.

When I make kimchi porridge, and then I add together, make this one.

And also stew–doenjang-jjigae–itmakes it really tasty.

So don't ever throw away.

(running water) Put some water like this and boil it in low heat.

Around a little less than one pound.

Shrimp: where is intestine? On the back.

Back here.

You see, exactly here.

You see? And then more deeper.


Open this, like a butterfly.

And here, black, small kind of lines, sometimes you see a long line.

And then let's score.

And then back also.

When we cook this, it'sgoing to be shrunk, so I like to make it really flat.


This guy has a really bigchunk of intestine inside.

See? Wow, really huge! Let's remove this way.

Here, score.

Open, and this guy.


Clean but I want torinse in cold water, quickly.

And then I'm going to wash my hands and my cutting board, too.

So now everything isclean, so we gotta cook.

It's very clean and shiny, so that means they're very fresh shrimp.

I'm going to pay drywith this paper towel.

Pat, pat, pat! So now.

Spread, like this, because we are going to sprinkle some salt and white pepper.

So let's see how manypinch of salt? Like this.

I use two pinches.

Andthis is white pepper.

You can use groundblack pepper, but ground black pepper color ruin thecolor, so I use white pepper.

Basic method of making Korean pancake, usually coat with flour andegg mixture and pan fry.

That's it.

But I have somespecial secret to make it a little more tasty, byusing Korean gyeoja, mustard.

Some Korean mustard.

I willuse this: really tasty.

You will see the difference,why I'm emphasizing this.

Two teaspoon gyeoja.

And some water.

One, two teaspoons, same amount.

Look at that, so pretty,isn't it? Color, and also when you make this pancake,make it look more yellow.

Very pretty.

Are you ready to paint? Let's do it with your finger.

Like this.

Cooking is art, isn't it? We are artists.

By smelling, our shrimpstock is done.

Oh, my! I will taste this some.


Very shrimpy.

Shrimp is– really strong flavorwith shrimp.


And then, let's coat with flour.

When you coat with flour,only this part let's do, because this back part, whenwe cook this, it's going to be red color, so we like to keepthis red, beautiful color.

Only this one side, like this.

Like that.

Around medium heat is good.

I will use two eggs.

And salt, and mix.

My pan is hot, put some oil.

And then take one and just dip this, well dip.

And then, Inside part goes down.


I use all– there's just a littlebit of leftover eggs.

I'm going to cut thisfor garnish and pancake.

See, we'll make a pancake,red bell pepper pancake.

Coat this with egg mixture.

Okay, done! Shrimp pancake today! Saeujeon! Korean mustard-infused saeujeon.

Awesome! This is a great party food.

When you go to the potluckparty with this, anybody– shrimp lovers only, "Whatis it? How did you make it?" Get lot of, lot of complimentsfrom your friends and family.

Sauce very simple Korean style.

Soy sauce, maybe one tablespoon.

Vinegar, half a tablespoon.

Vinegar, little bit.

And sesame seeds.

So thisis going to be sauce.

Sweet pea shoots, so youcan use any green stuff.

Isn't it pretty? And also,when you serve with this, you can eat it together.

Let me taste it! We madesaeujeon today.

Korean-style saeujeon.

And dip this in my sauce.

Very tasty.

So sweet.

I used the really fresh shrimp, and this shrimp is verysucculent and juicy and chewy.

And also I used mustard sauce, a little tingling, spicy kick.

You make this, and youwill know what it means.

Enjoy my recipe.

See you next time! Bye! (theme music).

Source: Youtube