Simple potato pancake (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

– Hello everybody, today I'm going to make a really, really simple recipe.

This recipe is so simple and easy that you can't find any excuse not to cook.

You have a potato at home?Po-tah-to at home (laughs) then you can do.

I like to cook outdoor so Ibrought my burner from home, and then, oh by the way, I am in Montauk.

I can cook anywhere, you guys too, so bring potato and keep watching and then right afterwatching this video, make it.

Today's recipe isGamjajeon, potato pancake.

A few years ago I already uploaded my Gamjajeon potato pancake recipe, but today's version is different.

This is a larger size andinstead of green color this is a white creamy color, probably easier, simpler than my old traditional Gamjajeon pancakes.

Let's start.

Bring potato and beready to cook.

(laughs) It is so sunny and windy so I'mgoing to wear my sunglasses.

So this is potato, very large size potato.

I already peeled and cleaned.

One potato I will use for one pancake, this nine inch pan, this is half a pound.

And I'm going to soak in cold water, so that it's not going to go brown.

And I like to make this sauce first.

Two tablespoons soy sauce, instead of vinegar, I'm using lime, just half of a lime, green onion, one green onion, and just a little bit onion.

And this jalapeno optional,if you like spicy food you can add.

If you are not, just skip it.

Little bit sugar, half a teaspoon, and mix well.

Mmmm, delicious (laughs) First, one large potato,I'm going to grate this, you can use also in a food processor.

I like to use this grater, especially when I make small portions.

So one potato, and justa quarter teaspoon salt.

I'm going to use aroundquarter cup amount of onion, so I'm going to also grate this.

Okay, this density too watery, we have to add somethinglike flour or starch powder, so I'm using potato starch.

Quarter cup potato starch.

And mix.

My previous video, Gamjajeon video, I didn't add potato starch.

This is a much, much easier and simpler and delicious I think.

You guys can make it at home very easily.

Wind protection, really cute.

First time I'm using actually, even before I never used it before.

I hope it works well because so windy.

And then we need oil, so cooking oil, this is grapeseed oil.

About two or three tablespoons.

Pour the batter (sizzling) and spread this.

It's nice, beautiful nineinch pancake we are making.

(cheerful music) (waves crashing) I feel a little crunchy on the bottom.

We need to cook longer.

So wind protection.

(wind blowing in microphone) Just to eat one pancakewe work so hard like this, but when it's done, reallymake everybody happy.

On the bottom, you can use aspatula or you can flip over.

Here you go (laughs) If we add more oil, more crunchy.

Smells good.

Some cooking ingredientsreally go well together, especially potato and onion.

Potato onion are so really close, just real best friends I think.

If I use only potato, I don't smell this, but now onion, little bit of onion, make it real smell soso good and taste good.

(sizzling) Wow, this is workingbetter than I thought.

I have to turn down the heat.

So how do you know, how doyou know this is crunchy, you know, on the bottom? So when you shake yourpan, you can hear that shk shk shk sound, rightthat's the crunchy sound.


(soft sizzling) Total cooking time around10 minutes it took.

I will just turn it off.

(sizzling) Potato pancake, easy isn't it? Let me taste, when it's warm, it's tasty.

Actually this pancake is even hours later still chewy and really tasty.

Sauce we made.

Just like a pizza.

This is going to be forone person or two people, so one or two servings.

And let's eat! I'll put some sauce, jalapeno, here.

Mmmm (chewing loudly) Oh my God, mmmm.

Chewy soft, texture is like a rice cake, and crunchy part istaste like french fries.


I will have one more.

And some stuff.


(laughs) You guys make this, justlike me we can say that: "Mmmmm, delicious!" As you see this pancake,in 10 minutes we made, so easy, so only a few ingredients.

Today we made Gamjajeon, potato pancake.

Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye.

Source: Youtube