Speedy Spaghetti | Gennaro Contaldo

What up YouTubers! I gonna make this fantasticspeedy spaghetti what is a speedy spaghetti? something so simple something so good so let's cooksome spaghetti now fantastic I already put some salt inside spaghetti goes in slowlyhold it come on come on come on come on cover let's bring the water boiling again and let'sstart to prepare ingredients you need about 4 clove of garlic if you like more garlic,more garlic, so you slice it chili yes use a whole chili make sure that the chili is quite strongbut taste it so again cut it oh my goodness me handful of parsley look at these lovely leaves, crush it you know what?you can use the stalks they're so good let's put them on the side for the moment and thenroughly chop then last anchovies because you need that little bit of salt you need about4-5 filet of anchovies, in many countries especially in England people are scared of anchovies why is a scared?it doesn't bite you look everything is done you know what put some little stalks as wellso a few of those, little crunchiness I'm right let's start to cook it now, I'm going to put inside a mix of butter and oliveoil it is incredible look how easy let's start with anchovies first just let it melt thosebeautiful anchovies, fantastic, this is where you get that lovely salt garlic and chili straight in so simple it'sdone let's get the pasta in oh my goodness look at the changing of the colours that isthe anchovies which change to that lovely colour always use some pasta water look atthis oh my goodness and some parsley grating of pecorino cheese just a little bit for nowmix a little bit again a little touch to make it silky and smooth, what can I say I couldalmost cry little parsley on top, how quick it was and this is the speedy spaghetti if you want to see how tomake more of this wonderful dish subscribe it is free let's enjoy all together pleasedo cook this one what do you do at midnight? Eat the speedy spaghetti! Love you all bye!.

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