Thai stir fried instant noodle (ผัดมาม่า) :: English Caption

Hello everybody! Today, I'm going to show you how to cook Thai stir fried instant noodle!!! Let's do it! Ingredients : Instant noodle, egg, pork, shredded carrot and chopped green onions First unpack instant noodle into a ceramic bowl Keep seasoning packages.

We will use it later.

Add some hot water just half way of instant noodle Put it in microwave and cook for 1 minute After 1 minute, flip other side over Then cook again for 1 minute After we cook the noodle, now it's time to stir fry! Turn on your burner Add some vegetable oil Wait until it's hot Add pork Stir until it's cooked Add instant noodle seasoning Mix well Add cooked noodle Stir again Add veggies mix mix mix Add an egg Beat the yolk Flip the noodle on top Leave egg to get cooked for a moment Then stir until egg is all cooked And there you have it! Enjoy!.

Source: Youtube