Tofu Recipes – Korean Fluffy Braised Tofu in 10 minutes (맛있는 두부반찬)

Welcome to Hungry Gopher, Gopher is hungryfor Braised Tofu It’s called Dubu Jolim in Korean.

Dubu meanstofu, and Jolim means ‘to braise’.

It’s a quick meatless dish that is heartyand delicious.

And best of all, your dinner will be ready in just 10 minutes.

So let’s get it started! First, We’ll need one large onion that we’llcut into 1/4 inch wheels.

These guys are small.

So We’ll use two ofthem.

Let’s arrange our onion in the skillet.

these humble bulbs are packed with nutrients.

Onions are among the most significant sources of antioxidants.

Then, we’ll need a package of medium firmtofu.

  Let’s cut this in half, and then cut thisinto half inch think pieces.

And put tofu on top of the onion as a layer.

Then let’s make our sauce to pour over andwe’ll be ready to cook this up.

For the sauce,we’ll need 3 TBSP soy sauce,1TBSP sugar, 4TBSP sake,freshly ground pepper, and 1TBSP gochugaru, which is Korean ChiliPepper Flake.

Adjust this amount to your prefered spicylevel.

 This will make medium hot.

Bring this all together.

Now we’re going to pour this over our goodies.

I’ll show you my mom’s trick here.

Add a little water and swish it around then add it back in the pan,so we get all the little bits of goodies.

Turn the flame on high and cook this withthe lid on until it comes to a rolling boil, about 3minutes.

Once it comes to rolling boil like this, turnthe heat down to medium high.

While we’re cooking we’ll take care tobaste some sauce back over the top of our tofu to make sure they stay moist andsoak up all the flavors.

VO – Korean braised tofu is a everyday foodin Korea.

When I was growing up in Korea, my mom used to send me with a bowl to a cornerstore to buy daily made fresh tofu to make dinner for the family.

My signaturemove was to pinch a little corner of the tofu to nibble onbecause it was so tasty.

My mom wasn’t really happy about it, but  I was very pleased we’ll cook this for another 5 minutes witha lid on.

Baste some sauce back over the top one moretime in-between.

That’s looking great, isn’t it? Then, take the lid off and bring the flameup high.

Cook this for an additional 2 minutes.

Thiswill help the sauce to thicken and concentrate the flavors.

Alright, it’s ready.

 Looking so Good! Let’s finish this with some freshly choppedgarlic chives.

And a little sesame seeds.

So pretty =DServe this with a bowl of rice, and  Korean Spinach dish will make a great combo.

Let’ssee how we did.

 I like it with a bite of tofu and oniontogether.

Mhmmm savory goodness, a little spicy, a littlesweet  with the fluffy tofu is so delicious.

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Remember Guys, Eat Real, Be Real Thanks for watching.

I’ll see you next time!.

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