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Tanah Airku~
Composer : Ibu Sud

This is the first time i transcript a song so it take 2 weeks to transcript it (lol) but finally the arrangement is finish!! My first arrangement!! :D

Since 17th of August(which is Indonesia Independence day), i want to play some of my country song and found this song, and it's really beautiful though :P . But with my homeworks, and school festival, it's really made my 2 weeks......

Starting to transcript it, i don't know where i can start. Trying to find a how to transcript a song tutorial on YouTube, i found a very useful tutorial by Zacky Anime Piano (I think you can guess he is an anime pianist :P ). The video inspire and helpful for me, you can find out the tutorial with link below

ZackyAnimePiano's tutorial :

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I can't make a sheet for this song because i haven't learn about sheet music, so there is no sheet/midi for this song. :(

I hope you enjoy my first arrangement :3

Sorry for not giving any news from last 3 months. Sheet for Tanah Airku is finally available! Dangit, for almost 1 weeks i tried to upload it to MediaFire and finally i can make it. I'm glad i can make one, seems a big progress for me :3
I don't know is this score was good enough for people, because i'm still a beginner at this. Don't forget to smash the like button, leave a comment, and don't forget to subscribe xD
Sheet :
Midi :